Our Supporters

Tratok’s charitable activities are entirely funded by Tratok Ltd.


With an initial donation of 2,500,000,000 Tratok (Two and a half billion) committed exclusively for charitable acts, Tratok Ltd will continue to ensure that the charity is suitably funded to adhere to the company’s commitment of being a good corporate citizen.


Tratok’s charitable efforts are led by Nicholas Paillart, Chief Marketing Officer and Director for Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to his corporate background, Nicholas is Delegate for the French Souvenir in the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Rotary Club of Dubai and former regional manager for the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Nicholas does not hesitate to leverage his network to secure Medical and Humanitarian Aid for displaced peoples across the Middle East and Africa.

Because our integrity is our honor, Tratok Community Charity’s accounts will be independently audited by an internationally recognized Audit firm and publicly available on this website.

We welcome all partnerships and projects which are aligned to our core beliefs.