Current Causes

Tratok Community Charity is proud to be aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to provide dignity to Humanity.

Our wide network of partners in travel, hospitality, education and healthcare allows Tratok to bring together considerable resources, all of whom share our vision and core beliefs. Together with these partners, we believe we can seriously address the Goals laid out above in an impactful and most importantly, sustainable manner.

As we engage on our various causes, we will be updating this page regularly, with pictures and testimonials, for the greater public, but most importantly for the partners who have chosen to trust us and believe in us, for them to be able to document the last mile, the delivery of their donations to those who really need them and deserve them.

This “last mile” is the fear most of us have about giving to charity. At Tratok, because we are Blockchain, we believe in documenting and certifying every step of the way – Tratok Community Charity is built on the same values of transparency, integrity and honesty as the rest of the Tratok ecosystem.