Tratok Cares

Nicholas Paillart in Mosul, Iraq
The world belongs to everyone. From the very first day we created Tratok, our objective was to create a more accessible, open and transparent world, one where everyone could have access to travel, to realizing their dream of discovering what existed beyond what they knew.  By eliminating the middle man and returning those fees to the end user, travel suddenly becomes a more attainable dream to so many.
Unfortunately, so many are still left out. The only thing that differentiates us from them is being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. From one day to the next, victims of war, displacement or natural disasters, their lives are turned upside down. Forced to flee with often only the clothes on their backs, entire families, generations, cultures, see their fates sealed. A vicious cycle then unfolds: tragedy leads to poverty, which leads to abandonment, which leads to un-education which forces people to consider crime or terrorism.
Beyond having a choice, we have a responsibility to ensure that these people, our brothers and sisters in humanity are given a chance, not at survival, but at life, that they are given the chance to live normal family lives, have normal jobs, provide their children with clothing, warmth and most importantly education. We have the choice between creating criminals who will further destroy our world or lawyers, doctors, engineers who will help build it.
The Tratok Community Charity aims at bringing people together, at providing opportunities for those who have nothing or who have lost everything. These opportunities start with education and healing on the ground, allowing children to be children again. By bringing together the people of the world, mobilizing them to work together through cultural exchanges and international cross – community efforts, Tratok Community Charity gives the world back to those own it – humanity as whole.
Nicholas Paillart
Director of CSR at Tratok